At SLS Solicitors, we understand how complicated employment law can be. If you feel that your working rights are not being supported within your workplace, that you are not respected at work, or that you have been unfairly treated then you must seek expert legal representation. Our expert Employment Solicitors can guide you through this difficult time offering youthe support you need and making the entire legal journey as stress-free as possible for you and your family.
As an employee, you may feel like your employer holds all the power cards, but the law is there to support you when you need help and protect you when necessary.
If you have any employment-related issues,then get in touch because with SLS Solicitors our initial advice is free.
Our large team of highly experienced and skilled Employment Solicitors is dedicated to providing prompt, practical, and authoritative legal advice on employment law issues. Our strength for many people is in achieving positive outcomes through confidential settlements, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution procedures in many cases preventing an Employment Tribunal.
Below are the employment law disputes that we can help you with:
• Unfair Dismissal
• Redundancy
• Wrongful discharge claims
• Employment Contracts
• Employment Compensation
• Equal Pay
• Sexual harassment claims
• Discrimination
• Age discrimination claims
• Disability discrimination claims
• Family and medical leave claims
• Workers compensation retaliation
• Employment-related litigation
• Industrial Action
• Dispute resolution
For further information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.